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Working together to prevent vehicle into building crashes where we work, play, shop, and eat.

The Storefront Safety Initiative was launched by the Storefront Safety Council in 2017 to work together to put an end to vehicle-into-building crashes. 

Preventing Disaster

Austin hospital crash, among 300+ in US since 2014


Incidents every day


Injured Annually


Deaths every year


Happen in retail stores

Our objective

The objective of the Storefront Safety Initiative (SSI) is to provide free resources to those working to increase pedestrian safety where we eat, work, play & shop. We work with industry and government officials to educate and promote building codes.


We are doing this by increasing the participation of business owners, property owners, developers, design professionals, and public servants. We believe that the implementation of common sense standards of care will help to prevent the substantial loss of life. 

Keeping Storefronts, Employees, and Customers Safe

Vehicle-into-building crashes happen more than many people realize. A driver accidentally pushes the accelerator instead of the brakes, and the vehicle, weighing several tons goes flying through walls, sometimes injuring and killing people. It happens 100 times a day, and as many as 2600 hundred people a year die in these crashes, with over 16,000 injured.

Latest News

Our data shows that every year in the United States there are as many as 36,000 crashes into stores, offices, bus stops, shopping centers, post offices, restaurants,  and storefronts. 


More than 16,000 pedestrians, patrons, and employees are severely injured each year, and tragically preliminary data show as many as 2600 deaths result from these largely preventable accidents.

An infographic that shows the benefits of implementing common sense safety standards in storefronts. The image includes statistics on the number of accidents and fatalities that could be prevented, as well as examples of safety measures that can be taken

Participate in our study!


Please take a brief survey to share your personal and professional experience with vehicle-into-building crashes. It will only take a minute

A photo of the SSI team, including business owners, property owners, developers, design professionals, and public servants, collaborating to improve storefront safety.
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Storefront Safety Council

The Storefront Safety Council and the participants in the Storefront Safety Initiative are working to increase parking lot and storefront safety wherever Americans work, play and shop.  

Watch for updates from the Storefront Safety Council about the Storefront Safety Initiative's "Safer Parking " effort.   Use the button below to contact an expert solution provider.

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