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Report - 14 were injured when a driver crashes into Ireland's Four Courts Pub in Arlington Virginia

It seems to me that if you aim traffic AT your front door, you should not be surprised when traffic COMES THROUGH your front door. It will always be a question of "WHEN NOT IF" when you increase #risk without increasing #safety measures.

As a result of traffic aimed at the front of this restaurant, 14 people were reported injured, with several in critical condition. It was reported that the driver jumped the sidewalk and crashed into the restaurant, which in addition to injuries and structural damage, also caused a fire.

According to the Washington Post coverage, the vehicle was impacted head-on, and there were about 30 people in the restaurant. This means that nearly half were struck and injured. Our Storefront Safety Council database has over 24,000 vehicle-into-building incidents, and the most common type of business where storefront crashes occur are restaurants. We have over 4,000 incidents involving restaurants, with over 46% of them involving injuries and fatalities to customers or employees. If you aim traffic at a restaurant, you are responsible to install some sort of barriers between the oncoming vehicle and your customers. Your actions may not cause the accident, but your lack of action will be the cause of injuries.


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